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X-Copter represents the best of a new class of exceptionally versatile helicopter simulators that is raising the standard of helicopter flight training. The X-Copter is an FAA certified ATD.

Complex emergencies and systems failures cannot be executed in actual aircraft for obvious reasons. In the X-Copter however, emergency scenarios can be practiced spontaneously in a risk-free environment. Instructors may trigger various system malfunctions—like engine failures— and challenging flight environments—like IFR conditions—at any time, incorporating the crucial element of surprise into a student’s training.

Priced at $99 an hour, you can log flight time in an R22, or an R44 helicopter and make your training dollars go even further at Humboldt Helicopters. A commercial helicopter pilots license would normally cost $50,000, with the X-Copter its only $39,950. Call Today!

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